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Looks like I’m “in it to win it”, so they say. Here I am, typing away, creating ostensibly superfluous but actually useful content for my fancy, schmancy new blog. Seems apropos to make the topic of my first blog post about writing my first blog post. Sure, I’ve opined on Facebook (which henceforth shall be referred to as “Farcebook”), shared on Google+, and mused on YouTube, but does that really count? I say NO! ‘Tis folly to claim to be a blogger without actually having a proper blog!

Ok, ok. I jest, but still… all I’m really doing is getting this ball rolling. Or at least trying to start the engine.

So here we go… Tyson has now officially joined the so-called Blogosphere. What will he write about next?

Maybe next I’ll write about how I need to develop a blog article aesthetic standard. Or maybe I’ll blog about the gum stuck to my shoe. Whatever happens, it will surely keep you on the edge of your seat (and probably ready to run for the door). Stay tuned!



Photo info:

Unknown skater about to drop in on the vert during the “Boneless One” tribute to Jeff Phillips.

Location: Overground Skatepark, Dallas, TX

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